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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Market (UAV) Worth $114.7B by 2023
Thursday, February 13, 2014 -  PR NEWSWIRE

DALLAS, February 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market (2013 - 2018) and The Global UAV Market 2013-2023 research reports are now available and provide detailed analysis of the global UAV market over the next ten years, alongside potential market opportunities to enter the industry, using detailed market size forecasts.

The report titled "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market (2013 - 2018)" says the global UAV market size can be expected to grow to $8,351.11 million by 2018. (HALE/MALE/SUAV) Market has the highest business potential throughout the study period whereas USA and Israel will be the maximum revenue generator, among the countries manufacturing UAV's. SPUAV (Solar Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) will be one of the major technological advances in the near future and General Atomics Aeronautical Sytems is the leader in UAV market with 18.78% of the market share. The report, available for purchase at, profiles companies like Aai Corporation, Aeronautics Limited, Aerovironment, Alenia Aeronautica, Aurora Flight Sciences, BAE Systems, Bell Helicopter, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, Cassidian (EADS), Cybaero AB, Dassault Aviation, Denel Dynamics, Elbit Systems, Embraer, EMT, General Atomics Aeronautics Systems Inc., Honeywell Engineering, Innoconn Ltd, Insitu Inc, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) - Malat, Kaman Aerospace Corporation, Kaman Aerospace Corporation, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Rhienmetall Defence, Saab Aerosystems, Sagem Defence Securite, Schiebel, Selex Galileo, THALEs, Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc (TAI) and Uconsystem Co Ltd. Comprehensive Table of Contents and more for this report is available at .

"The Global UAV Market 2013-2023" research report provides detailed analysis of the current industry size and growth expectations from 2013 to 2023, including highlights of key growth stimulators. It also benchmarks the industry against key global markets and provides detailed understanding of emerging opportunities in specific areas. UAVs have proved to be exceedingly useful during peacekeeping missions and the ongoing global war on terror in Afghanistan and Pakistan, finding applications across ISR and combat roles. Furthermore, enhanced capabilities in areas such as endurance, data processing, and communications have broadened ISR UAV use in both defense and intelligence roles. It is anticipated that 4,000 different unmanned aircraft platforms are in circulation on the global market.

As per the regional analysis in this report, available for purchase at , North America constitutes the majority share in the global UAV market and demand for UAVs in the US will spur the North American UAV market. Europe is set to spend US$24.3 billion on UAVs across the forecast period and UAV market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.66% in the Asia-Pacific region. Regional unrest will trigger UAV demand in the Middle East during the forecast period, Brazil is set to dominate the UAV market in Latin America and African markets are expected to grow as western defense manufacturers target the region. The UAV sub-sector market size composition details provided in this report cover:

HALE UAVs forecast to constitute the largest share of the UAV market Market for UCAVs expected to increase at a CAGR of 7.98% during the forecast period Need for real-time persistent surveillance to drive the MALE UAV market during the forecast period Demand for TUAVs to grow at a CAGR of 1.81% during the forecast period Market size of VTOL UAVs is estimated to be US$5.2 billion during the forecast period Market for MUAVs expected to reach US$390.0 million by 2023.

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